Friday, May 11, 2007

Karina & Simon Go to Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Since it was just down the road from Nice, we caught the bus along the coast for an afternoon in Monte Carlo. Yet again, we were disappointed not to get a stamp in our passports, but we guessed all the officials were too busy setting things up for the upcoming Grand Prix.

After working out how to cross the road with all the construction work going on, we climbed up the giant hill to drop in on Prince Albert. He kindly gave us a guided tour of his house, which included lots of pictures of Grace Kelly. On the way down the hill, we ogled the giant yachts moored in the harbour and headed over to Casino Monte Carlo for an afternoon of people watching at the Cafe de Paris.

We didn't see anyone famous (that we recognised), not even Daniel Craig, much to Karina's disappointment. But we did see some very rich people, some people trying to look very rich, people with more money than taste, people who'd dressed up for the visit, people who hadn't dressed up, and people who just thought they'd dressed up (occasionally with horrifying results). Once we'd had our fill, we decided to try and beat the impending rain, and caught the bus back to Nice.

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